Intelligent COOLINE technology for horses ─

If the horse has been subjected to heavy strain, has been injured or is suffering from phlegmon, then the E.COOLINE cooling boots offer optimum therapeutic cooling of horses` legs without humidity and without danger of hypothermia of the tissue.
The cooling boots assist in speeding up the cooling down process of the horses' legs. The results are relaxed muscles, reduced swelling and soothed sprains and injuries. The horse regains its energy more quickly and vets bills can be avoided.

The material is soft and moulds itself perfectly to the shape of the horse's body. An even cooling effect is thereby created, that, even when worn for long periods of time or used daily, does not have any harmful effects.

─ and riders

Riders also are exposed to health problems at high temperatures. The E.COOLINE-cooling vest protects against overheating when riding, by actively cooling. At the same time, concentration difficulties can be prevented. The cooling vest works in the same way as the cooling boots on the principle of cooling by evaporation and thus imitates the natural climatic function of the human body.

The functional fibre is activated quickly and easily using a little water and cools by the evaporation of water. Because of this physical principle, COOLINE® has the reasonable effect to cool more at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures. The treated high-tech fibre immediately retains the water in the core, making the surface of the material dry once again in a short space of time.

The vest can be worn over the normal riding clothes. During the cooling evaporation, no water droplets are formed and the liquid does not leak out under strong pressure. On the contrary - disagreeable features of summertime such as perspiration and bad odour are absorbed by this machine-washable material.

The effect of E.COOLINE lasts for several hours and requires only adequate air circulation.