Cooling for better health and performance

The use of E.COOLINE leads to significant economic effects. Confirmed!
In a controlled study, 15 athletes completed two running units of 20 minutes each with breaks of 20 minutes between the two units. The courses were constantly run at 85% of each of the runners’ maximum individual heart rate, which had been determined by a separate preliminary test. Each athlete followed the test under four different conditions:

(A) Control conditions: No cooling
(B) Precooling: 20 minutes, cooling only before the 1st run
(C) Intercooling: 20 minutes, cooling only in breaks
(D) Pre- & Intercooling: 20 minutes before and 20 minutes between runs.

The heart rate was kept constant and the runners speed was adapted respectively.

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Cooling for better health and performance

The results were unequivocal: Lactate values, body temperature and the values of oxygen intake were lower with cooling and thus better than without cooling. The runners had to consume less energy to achieve the performance required. The difference between the red curve without cooling and the dark blue curve with pre- and intercooling amounts to averagely 8-9 %. Thus, the energy consumption for the same performance was significantly reduced by pre- and intercooling.

The results of Münster University confirm that a cold application by the E.COOLINE cooling vest of 20 minutes has positive effects on physiologic parameters and thus on performance in sports. The best effects were achieved with cooling before and in breaks. With regard to sports where several breaks are carried out, cooling during each break achieves the best effects.

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With cooling to 10% higher performance

Increase of performance of up to 10%
An additional study of the sports scientists of Münster University confirmed that athletes using E.COOLINE performed with an average plus of performance of 5%, in peaks even of 10%, at ambient temperatures of 30°C. In 1 hour, the athletes even ran 800 m farther than without E.COOLINE.

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Scientific studies confirm performance increase in sports

Since a couple of years we have observed a fundamental change in sports: Cooling instead of warming up! Pioneers and scientific heads of these examinations including various studies and publications are Prof. Wilfried Joch, sports scientist of Münster University and Prof. Sandra Ückert of Berlin University.

The journal „Medical Sports Network“ published the study results on E.COOLINE presented by Prof. Sandra Ückert.


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Competitions in heat can be avoided

In 2014, Brazil was all about football. Apart from traffic jams, the most discussed topic was the heat at many venues. Therefore, E.COOLINE was also used there. Before the championship, the products were comprehensively and - positively - tested for efficiency and suitability. As any sport, football has its own laws and a working cooling system must not only base on logistic capacity but also on applicability. This means that processes during the game are not disturbed and – at the same time – performance of the players is improved even in high temperatures.

For this purpose, comprehensive tests were carried out with the medical staff and players of a European national football team 


E.COOLINE during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Due to the high level of performance and competition in professional football, or in other professional sports, differences of 1% of performance will already decide whether you win or lose.
The photos taken by an infrared camera clearly demonstrated cooler body temperatures despite warm-up training of 20 minutes. The upper body of the players showed temperatures 6°C lower than the body temperatures determined for inactive tutors and trainers.


E.COOLINE convinces

Players and trainers rated the use of cooling textiles as positive: 83% of the players with pre-cooled shirts judged the cooling effect as positive as did 83% of the players with shirts, which had not been pre-cooled. 100% of the players with pre-cooled shirts rated performance after warm-up as good to very good compared to performance without cooling.

Based on these results, the use of cooling wear in pre-cooling during warm-up is highly recommended.

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How do you judge performance after today‘s warm-up compared with warm-ups without cooling?


100% of the players judged performance as good to very good

E.COOLINE – The unique 3D cooling system

Sometimes the breathability of PPE clothing is not sufficient. The person affected sweats but is not able to be active enough to transport humid air to the surface, or there does not exist any exchange of air at all, or the ambient humidity amounts to more than 90%. In these situations, the E.COOLINE cooling system must be used differently.

However: E.COOLINE cools always – in all ambient conditions!

COOL TO GO is the mobile version of the E.COOLINE cooling system to be used everywhere and for hours. If you encounter situations as described above, you just apply the system of pre-cooling which has been developed by physical therapists of a national football team. Use crushed ice or ice packs and just put them in simple plastic zipper bags. Alternate layers of ice bags and activated E.COOLINE products in a standard cooling box or bag. This system will keep your products cool for more than 10 hours. You can always put them back in between to reduce the temperature by means of the cooler temperature in the box. Take it everywhere you want.

The unique 3D mesh structure of the E.COOLINE material gathers cold much better than all other materials.

This allows, for example, logistic pre-cooling prior to a football match and intercooling immediately 45 minutes later during half-time or, if needed, cooling before penalty or even prior to penalty shoot-out. And all with one and the same product – mobile and without fridge. Positively rated by national football teams and world champions.