My quality of life has much improved...

Affected people can confirm the efficacy of the E.COOLINE vest.

Read more about this in our interview with Mr. Andreas Gaisser:

Mr. Gaisser, what benefits do you have from the E.COOLINE cooling vest?

All in all I can say: I am feeling much better. In the past I got tired more quickly at increased temperatures. The vest vastly improves this heat problem.

How does E.COOLINE affect your physical condition?

I feel much better while wearing it – especially over a longer period. My experience shows that I am feeling best at temperatures just below 20°C. Everything above that impairs my performance extremely. Meanwhile, thanks to the cooling vest, I can concentrate much better on a task, especially at these high temperatures.

At which occasions are you wearing the cooling vest?

I use the vest most of all at work. As a software developer I am sitting in one office with five more colleagues. Because of all the computers and other equipment the temperature can easily rise above 25 degrees. I experience no problems anymore when wearing the cooling vest, even when the air conditioner is turned off in summer. Since having the vest, I am totally independent of the conditions around me. Even my employer has noticed how well I am doing because of the vest and has offered getting another one for me on company expenses.

How does wearing the vest affect your quality of life?

When the vest keeps me cool, there is no noticeable change during the day. I am fit over a longer period of time and can handle my workload more effectively.

What about your perception regarding tiredness and concentration?

I am getting tired more slowly. Even though I carry out more mental than physical work, the vest helps me in upholding my productivity much longer over the day.

How do you judge the handling of the vest?

The vest is very easy to handle. I just hold it under the tap for a short time, so that it becomes soaked. It then just takes a moment to dry it off. While putting it on, it feels cool for a short moment before starting to feel very comfortable.

What is your experience on the cooling effect and the duration of the cooling effect?

Mostly I use about 1 litre of water. The cooling effect then lasts for one and a half days, which is a very long time. This also helps me in the evening while going out. In an eating house or restaurant you often have temperatures of more than 20 degrees.

Would you recommend the cooling vest to other people affected?

I can absolutely recommend the vest to each person suffering from MS and heat problems. At that time I had chosen the vest because of the easy handling and have not regretted it ever since. My quality of life has improved dramatically. Before that, a steady performance was always temperature-dependent. As soon as it got warm, my concentration dropped noticeably. In the past I took a shower in such moments - when possible. Meanwhile I can count on my potential thanks to E.COOLINE. The vests works just like the cold shower did.

Mr. Gaisser, thank you very much for the interview.