Because of the quick, simple and prolonged cooling effect of the COOLINE vest, which to date has been used in the area of health and safety in hot workplaces, or by the military, studies are currently being performed to investigate how people with health problems could also benefit from E.COOLINE.

The fact is that COOLINE can help relieve heat-related problems especially in the elderly or people with cardiovascular problems because cooling of the skin promotes the dissipation of excess heat inside the body.

E.COOLINE uses the same cooling principle as the human body: At high temperatures the body perspires; the perspiration evaporates and through this, a cooling effect is created at the skin surface. The COOLINE material also makes use of this evaporative cooling principle. It is simply and quickly saturated with water and cools the wearer through water evaporation. The cooling vests do not cover the kidney area and are made of a comfortable, functional fibre whose exterior remains dry. The vest cools the area of the body that is most affected by heat stress and thus, reduces the burden on the cardiovascular system.

E.COOLINE ­­­­­­─ a solution for the temperature-induced effects of Multiple Sclerosis?

Studies primarily focussing on MS patients are currently being conducted at leading hospitals. The initial reactions of doctors and patients are very positive. The reasons for this are: simple and rapid activation of the vest using water from the tap, the lightness of the vest, which guarantees comfort when worn, and the prolonged effect, which means it can be worn for hours - even a whole day - without further adjustment. (Source: German MS Society)

The cooling vest can simply be worn over or under normal clothing, is available in various sizes and is easy to clean. We shall inform you of the progress of the studies. Of course you can also see for yourself how practical and effective the E.COOLINE vest is.

Test for yourself! The E.COOLINE vest is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL und XXXXL

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