Allstar and Uhlmann will keep fencers cool at the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing

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In the run-up to this years Olympic Games there has been a great deal of concern raised as to how the athletes will overcome the heat in Beijing.

Heat is naturally a concern for fencers who now wear the new transparent masks with the Lexan-visor instead of the traditional mesh masks. The flow of air through the transparent mask is reduced and the temperature inside the mask rises which effects optimum athlete performance.

To help fencers in this situation Allstar & Uhlmann, the worlds leading companies for fencing equipment, launch their new COOLINE INLAY for fencing masks.

Using COOLINE technology the temperature inside the mask is significantly reduced. This innovative product helps the fencers’ concentration and alleviates the adverse effect which heat can have on the athlete’s stamina.

Based on the principle of evaporation chill, this high-tech material shows a significant cooling effect in heat.
COOLINE handling is simple: COOLINE is activated by immersing the cooling insert in water for 20 – 30 seconds. The COOLINE pack is then placed in the mask. The cooling effect is immediate and lasts for 10 hours or longer, depending on temperature.

In comparison to other cooling products this technology is eco-friendly as no other source of energy is required. Simple, effective and long lasting this new cooling system is ideal for fencing.

COOLINE was first tested by Germany’s Men’s Foil Team at the Team World Cup in Beijing in May 2008. World Champion Peter Joppich and the team found Cooline extremely effective. So successful was the tests that many of the National teams in Beijing for the Team World Cup asked for COOLINE for their fencers.

With COOLINE the fencers at the Beijing Olympics will have a much cooler heads.