Game, set and match for the COOLINE collection

PORSCHE Tennis Grand Prix 2008 provides players with innovative cooling towels

The PORSCHE Tennis Grand Prix 2008 in Stuttgart has once again earned its reputation as the most innovative tennis tournament. To allow faster recuperation between games and sets, this year's organisers of the ladies tennis elite is making available the new cooling towel from the successful COOLINE cooling system range.
The public will have a chance to form its own opinion of the intelligent cooling products. The entire COOLINE collection will be presented at the Sport and Lifestyle Village at the Tennis Grand Prix. The cooling towel is complemented by cooling sweatbands and vests. All the products can be tested on the spot.

The hot summer days ha ve passed, but hunting down the yellow tennis ball requires utmost concentration, causing the perspiration to flow abundantly. Of course, the world-class tennis girls at the Stuttgart PORSCHE Tennis Grand Prix (27 Sept. to 5 Oct. 2008) will be in the best physical condition to overcome these stresses and strains. But during the breaks between games, the same old image can be seen: The tennis pros sit on their benches with a wet towel draped over their heads. In this way, they enable the body to cool and recover. The disadvantages however are that the wet towel drips and only keeps cool for a very short time. This year, the cooling towel with COOLINE technology is taking over this important task. The high tech material works according to the principle of cooling by evaporation, thus imitating the natural climate control function of the body. The greater the heat load, the greater the cooling effect. The towel simply needs to be submerged in water for about 10 seconds. The synthetic high tech fibres immediately bind the water on the inside. The material remains dry on the outside, counteracting the annoying dripping and preventing the clothing from getting wet. The cooling effect lasts for hours. Restorative cooling is ensured even in a five-set match.