Sports and Leisure

E.COOLINE usage clearly increases the economical effect

In a controlled study 15 athletes completed two running units of 20 minutes each, separated by a break of 20 minutes. Each run was constantly performed with 85% of the individual maximum frequency of the heart, having been elicited beforehand in a separate test. Each athlete completed this test under four different conditions:

  • (A) Control conditions: no cooling
  • (B) Pre-cooling: 20 minutes. Cooling only before first stress test
  • (C) Inter-cooling: 20 minutes. Cooling only during the break
  • (D) Pre- & intercooling: 20 minutes before and 20 minutes in-between stress tests
  • Heart frequency was kept at a constant pace and the running speed was adjusted accordingly when exceeded or deseeded.

    The results were clear: lactate values, body temperature and the values of oxygen uptake were lower during cooling and therefore better than without cooling. The athletes had to spent less energy to achieve the performance required.

    It can be concluded that an application of the Cooline cooling vest that lasts for 20 minutes has a positive effect on physiological parameters in sport. Cooling before sport and during a break achieved the best results. With regard to the usage in sports, it can be concluded that in sports with more than one break, repetitive cooling because of more breaks achieves the greatest effects.

    Performance increase up to 10%

    An additional study of sports scientists confirmed that at ambient temperatures of 30°C athletes wearing E.COOLINE increased their performance by +5% and even up to 10% in peaks. With cooling vest, the athletes ran up to 800m farther in 1 hour than without cooling vest.

    For more Information: Pervormer Nr. 11