Sports and Leisure

Top fit despite the heat

E.COOLINE uses the same cooling principle as the human body: At higher temperatures the body sweats; the sweat evaporates and through this, a cooling effect is generated at the skin surface. The COOLINE® high tech material also makes use of this evaporative cooling principle - It is quickly and simply activated with water and cools the wearer though the evaporation of water. Because of this physical principle, COOLINE® has the reasonable effect to cool more at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures. In addition, the high tech material absorbs sweat and hence, also supports the cooling system of the body. The cooling effect lasts for hours and up to days depending on the ambient temperature and air humidity.

The cooling vests do not cover the kidney area and are made of a comfortable, functional fibre whose exterior remains dry. The vest cools the area of the body that is most affected by heat stress and thus, reduces the burden for the cardiovascular system. Hence, with E.COOLINE you can achieve new performance levels even at high temperatures.

Cool down instead of warming up

According to a scientific study conducted at the University of Muenster, athletic performance can be significantly enhanced by cooling the body before sports. The scientists demonstrated that performance can be significantly increased through optimal blood redistribution and more rapid supply of oxygen.

Cold increases performance

Warming up before sport is not always good. Often the opposite is even better. Scientists at the University of Muenster and the Technical University of Dortmund studied the effect of cold on physical performance. For this purpose, they sent recreational and top athletes into a cold chamber before training. This led to improved results: Whoever spent a short time in cold surroundings before sport performed significantly better.

The body produces heat during sport. When the body is running at "full power", often the heat produced can no longer be effectively eliminated by perspiration. To protect itself from overheating, the body reduces its output after a certain point. The critical value is a body core temperature of about 38.5° Celsius (101° F).

Cooling before beginning training delays the increase in the body core temperature. According to the research results of Professor Winfried Joch and Dr. Sandra Ueckert, "Athletes who start with a cooler body can deliver their full capacity for a longer time because it takes a longer time to reach the natural temperature limit."

In their studies, the scientists sent over 50 test persons into a cold chamber set at minus 110° Celsius (230° F) before their endurance training. Two minutes in the chamber was enough to demonstrate the performance-enhancing effects of precooling in the subsequent measurements. Overall, the increase in performance was between 1.5 to 10 per cent, whereby the recreational athletes improved their performance more. During training, the test persons showed significant economization of cardiovascular activity and optimal supply of blood to the muscles - effects that are crucial to athletic training and competition and that have positive effects especially at high temperatures. This applies to areas beyond competitive sport goals and in particular to people who participate in sporting activities for health reasons or irregularly.

How these performance-enhancing and economizing effects can be implemented in real life is now being studied by scientists with the help of E.COOLINE cooling vests. The initial results are promising. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date on the continuing studies.