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Cool down

Better concentration and performance by cooling

People suffering from multiple sclerosis already feel worse at temperatures exceeding 20°C. A cold shower helps. But what can you do when not at home? During work, leisure time, sports? With E.COOLINE cooling vests you will regain your quality of life.

Heat protection How to stay cool – anywhere and anytime
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Unique COOLINE SX3 technology with 3D cooling effect

Physically, there exist only 3 possibilities to generate cooling. Cooling by evaporation is the most effective of them. The COOLINE SX3 technology has driven this principle to its perfection. With enormous surface. The most simple, quick and effective cooling ever since.


Why new technology and sustainability go hand in hand

Most human “heat sensors” are located on the upper body, neck and on the head. If these areas are cooled, the whole body is automatically cooler. Therefore, our products cool just there where cooling is needed.

Activation How E.COOLINE products are used
▶ COOL-TO-GO When humidity is too high or conditions are too extreme


Why high tech and sustainability go hand in hand

Many companies are innovative. We want more. We are climate neutral, member of the United Nations Global Compact and we support the Senate of Economy. For more sustainability in economy, women’s rights and environmental protection.


World’s first climate neutral textile company

According to the UN climate report the number of hot days will have doubled by the year 2020. This will affect both environment and man. With E.COOLINE you are able to cool in a mobile, simple and environmentally friendly way. Usually you only need water and high outside temperatures. Just as nature requires.

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