For us it is important to protect not only humans and animals against heat stress but also our future and environment. For this purpose, we developed an open organisational culture and communication policy, flat hierarchies and we have taken action for environmental protection and women empowerment.

We produce exclusively in Germany and Europe because we want to control how our products are made. This costs a bit more but it is worthwhile.

As a member of Global Compact, the UN initiative chaired by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, we have therefore committed ourselves to the values and principles of human rights, H&S standards, environmental protection and against corruption.

„Be an Architect of a better world“ was the motto of the „Leaders Summit 2013“ in New York. Together with more than 1000  participants, the summit discussed  and developed goals, ideas and action for a safe future. We also accepted an invitation for the UN Global Compact Initiative „caring for climate“  in November 2013 where we intend to put forward our ideas and commitment.

In 2013, we have joined the program of „Women`s Empowerment“ in order to strengthen women‘s rights all over the world.

Our appointment to the Senate of Economy „Senat der Wirtschaft“ enables us to engage in economic responsibility, sustainability and the World Forest Foundation of the Senate.

Be an Architect of a better world

Hitzeschutz und Leistungssteigerung sind zentrale Themen des E.COOLINE Teams

Heat protection and performance increase are key issues of the E.COOLINE team