The quickest and most ecologic cooling system ever

E.Cooline Technologie Funktion

The third generation of COOLINE high-tech fleece has again been further developed to be even by 100% lighter, quicker in cooling and more effective. The DEOXX fresh finish makes the products antibacterial and thus the first hygienic and washable cooling material on the market.

  1. World’s unique 3D surface for most rapid and effective cooling ever since
  2. Quickly drying functional microfiber material with hygienic DEOXX fresh finish
  3. Hightech material MADE IN GERMANY

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Natural cooling

E.COOLINE® mimics and strengthens the cooling system of the human body where the heart pumps blood and thus leads warmth to the skin. On the skin, sweat is produced which evaporates and generates the cooling effect for the body. Unfortunately, this body system is only limited.

The high-tech fleece, however, is able to absorb and bind water a multiple of its own weight. The water is only released by evaporation and not by mechanical pressure. Thus, your body is cooled by evaporation.

Perfect cooling

Due to the physical principle of evaporation, E.COOLINE cools more in higher temperatures and less in lower temperatures. Thus, you will always have the best cooling result. In addition, the high-tech material absorbs sweat and thus stimulates the cooling system of the body. Depending on ambient temperatures, the cooling effect lasts from several hours to some days.

The COOLINE high-tech-fleece is able to store water in a couple of seconds. The water stored evaporates at elevated ambient temperatures or increasing skin temperature and thus cools the body surface by up to 12°C.

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All new E.COOLINE products are equipped with antibacterial finish. This kind of finish protects the fibers against odors. For hygienic use from the first day to the last.
The reason why E.COOLINE uses water as means of cooling results from the fact that coolness generated by 333 Watt of evaporation provides the most natural cooling. Therefore, it is especially important that the products stay clean and hygienic even for long use.
As market leader, we started this year to equip all new products with DEOXX fresh finish.

The fiber protection finish used in E.COOLINE materials consists of elementary, natural silver. It does not contain nanoparticles. Therefore, you do not have to observe any precaution measures or regulations of use. (EU Biocidal Products Regulation)


An automatic air-conditioning system to wear

Higher cooling efficiency with high temperatures

The hotter the cooler – this is how the 3D high-tech fleece in E.COOLINE cooling textiles works. The fleece perfectly adapts to prevailing ambient temperatures.


By means of a natural physical principle simulated by the SX3 technology. The hotter the prevailing ambient temperature, the more water evaporates per time unit. Thus, more coolness and energy are released by evaporation and the E.COOLINE material feels cooler. If the ambient temperatures are lower, less water evaporates in the same time unit and less coolness is generated by evaporation and thus less cooling energy. The material is less cool. In return, the water bound by the fleece lasts longer.

Example: In laboratory tests with ambient temperatures of 24°C, a cooling temperature of 18°C was determined on the COOLINE SX3 material. Tests at an ambient temperature of 32°C, however, generated a cooling temperature of 16°C. At lower ambient temperatures the water reserves lasted for some hours longer – an effect which can however be neglected regarding the materials capacity of 20 hours of cooling. Moreover, the products are re-activated within 5 seconds.

This means that cooling is more efficient when you need it – automatically!

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Cool-Tech for the body

The advantages of E.COOLINE in detail


  1. Wide velcro for perfect fit
  2. SX3 pads for perfect cooling
  3. Soft material for high comfort
  4. Quick-dry upper material by functional fiber
  5. Hygienic by DEOXX fresh finish

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